Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

  1. Initial Consultation and Assessment:
    • An introductory session to understand the individual’s wellness and weight-loss goals, current health status, dietary habits, lifestyle, and any underlying health conditions.
    • A comprehensive assessment to create a personalized wellness plan.
  2. Nutritional Counseling Sessions:
    • Appointments focusing on dietary guidance, including meal planning, healthy eating habits, and nutritional education tailored to individual needs and weight-loss goals.
    • Discussions about managing cravings, portion control, and making healthier food choices.
  3. Fitness and Exercise Planning:
    • Guidance on developing a personalized exercise regimen that aligns with the client’s fitness level, preferences, and weight-loss objectives.
    • Sessions may include recommendations for specific types of exercises, frequency, and intensity.
  4. Regular Follow-Up and Progress Monitoring:
    • Scheduled check-ins to monitor progress, address challenges, and adjust the wellness plan as needed.
    • These appointments help to maintain motivation and ensure accountability.
  5. Behavioral and Lifestyle Coaching:
    • Sessions focusing on behavior modification techniques to support weight loss and wellness goals.
    • Strategies for stress management, sleep improvement, and cultivating a positive mindset.
  6. Health and Wellness Education Workshops:
    • Group or individual sessions providing education on various aspects of health, wellness, and weight management.
    • Topics might include understanding metabolism, the science of weight loss, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Support Group Meetings:
    • Facilitating or guiding support group sessions where individuals can share experiences, challenges, and successes.
    • Peer support is often a key component in maintaining long-term wellness and weight management goals.
  8. Remote/Virtual Coaching Sessions:
    • Offering telehealth appointments for those unable to attend in-person sessions, providing convenience and continuity of care.


  • Price: $0
  • Duration: 1h
  • Capacity: 1