House Call Appointment

Regular check-ups and primary care visits for adults and older adults at their homes. Follow-up appointments post-hospitalization or after major surgeries, especially for those who are home-bound. Comprehensive assessments for chronic disease management in a home setting. Medication management and reviews in the patient’s residence. Physical examinations and routine health screenings at the patient’s home.

Telehealth Appointment

Virtual consultations for initial assessments or minor health concerns. Remote follow-up appointments for ongoing care and medication adjustments. Virtual consultations for second opinions or discussing test results. Telehealth appointments for mental health support and counseling. Remote monitoring and consultations for patients with chronic conditions.

Care Planning & Consultation

Transitional care planning and follow-ups for patients recently discharged from hospitals or other healthcare facilities. Palliative care consultations and ongoing support for patients with life-limiting illnesses or chronic conditions, both in-home and via telehealth. Disease-specific management sessions, such as diabetes education, heart health management, etc.

Coaching for Medical Professionals

Clinical Skill Enhancement Sessions: Appointments to improve specific clinical skills or to learn new techniques and procedures. Coaching on advanced patient care strategies and best practices in various medical scenarios. Professional Development Workshops: Sessions on career progression, leadership skills, and navigating the healthcare industry. Workshops on effective communication skills, both with patients and within a...